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5 reasons why you could do with Octopus Scribble

Focus on strategy issues

Produce texts and visuals for your blog in minutes and free your time for more significant issues

Forget writer’s block

Our tool inspires new ideas, sparking creativity and innovation

Boost your productivity

Design content strategy, create different format texts, and accompany them with visuals — all in one day

Reduce marketing costs

Since you don’t need a wide team of content creators, you can decrease marketing costs at least X times

Stay consistent

Many companies post content inconsistently. Don’t let such fickleness miss the opportunity to attract new clients

Generate content in minutes

Here are 5 steps to generate content. This guide is detailed and maybe seems long to complete, but in practice, it takes X minutes to create a top-notch article or any other piece of content


Create a post

Press “Сreate post” to start generating


Text setup

Give a context, choose text parameters. Then enter a number that defines text length and press “Generate text”


Select from offered options

You’ll receive 3 options for the text. Choose the one you want to proceed with


Images setup

Enter the keywords and choose the number of images. Also, select the format. Press “Generate images”



If all is Ok, fill in your card details and pay for the content. After this, you’ll receive full-scale images and whole text

Octopus Scribble: exceedingly powerful but still affordable

Simple reasonable pricing

EUR 1.00

/per 1 image

EUR 1.00

/per 1 text paragraph

Experiment with styles, explore possibilities


Write a description and get a unique picture
cartoon render of red fur monster on white background
3d render of red fur monster on grey background
red fur monster on red background
aquarelle fur monster on white background
funny 3d render of red fur monster on grey background
pencil sketch of monster
green fur monster on grey background


Write a description and get a unique story
a fairy tale about red fur monster

In a quiet village, Rufus the red fur monster was feared for his appearance but had a kind heart. One winter, he saved the village by gathering food in a storm. Grateful villagers celebrated Rufus, realizing true beauty lies within. Rufus became their beloved guardian, forever cherished by all.

a fairy tale about red fur monster

Fizzle, a red fur monster, loved pranks but accidentally scared a fairy. Feeling guilty, he organized a grand forest feast and apologized. The fairy forgave him, and Fizzle's playful nature turned to spreading joy. He became a beloved figure, bringing happiness to the woodland creatures with his antics.

a fairy tale about red fur monster

Blaze, a red fur monster, lived alone in the enchanted mountains, feared by all. One day, a girl named Lily found his cave during a storm and offered him a scarf. Touched by her kindness, Blaze helped her home. Their friendship grew, and soon, the villagers welcomed Blaze into their community.

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